Magical Mountain Spirit Trail

Hiking trail combine history and adventure

Among lush forests, in the Kamienna River valley, on the slopes of the Karkonosze and Jizera Mountains, there is a magical land. Its ruler is the Spirit of the Mountains, called Karkonosz, Rzepiór, Liczyrzepa, Mr Jan... He has many names, many characters, but one thing is constant - he rules over the Sudetes. Since ancient times, the Spirit of the Mountains has captured the imagination of writers and artists. Sometimes depicted as a flesh-and-blood figure with divine power, a benevolent lord of fauna and flora, and a malicious persecutor of greedy representatives of the human species.

The Magical Trail of the Mountain Spirit is a trip through time and space through his kingdom. An outdoor game of exploring Szklarska Poręba was created according to the idea of a local sculptor - Maciej Wokan. In seventeen places in Szklarska Poręba, tablets on granite boulders symbolize phenomena and objects important for the mountain town. To feel like a full-fledged conqueror of the Magic Trail of the Mountain Spirit, you need to map all of them. Use a crayon to stamp the engraved symbols on the paper. After obtaining all pictograms at the Szklarska Poręba Tourist Information, the winner receives a certificate and a gift.

In 2015, the Magic Trail of the Mountain Spirit took second place in the Rose of the Regions competition, organized by the biweekly tourism industry magazine "Wiadomości Turystyczne". In 2017, it received the Mountain Spirit Land certificate.

The magic kit folder, which can be purchased at the Tourist Information, contains a guide, a notebook and a crayon. To make it easier, we have divided the Magic Mountain Spirit Trail into 3 one-day hikes. However, their course, the order in which pictograms are reproduced, time and pace are not mandatory. It's fun, so it doesn't like rush or strict rules.