The Mysteries of the Karkonosze Mountains are a new attraction in Karpacz. The facility was built on the site of the discovery of the ancient staff of the Mountain Spirit. This amazing object was excavated on March 26, 2011. during construction works in Karpacz. This item, which was called the Mountain Spirit staff, caused a stir among the local community, on online forums and in other media. Currently, the exhibit forms part of the collection of the Karkonosze Museum in Jelenia Góra.
In the Karkonosze Mysteries, visitors will receive a lesson in history, technology and life in the mountains ruled by magic and unexplored natural phenomena.
In the basement of the Karkonosze Secrets, arranged by world-famous artists; including Dariusz Miliński (creator of the Castle of Silesian Legends) and Igor Morski (an outstanding graphic designer), Visitors have the opportunity to learn about the greatest messages that originated from the land of the Karkonosze Mountains, including: stories about herbalists who inhabited the Karkonosze Mountains, seekers of minerals and natural resources - the Walloons, legends depicting the Mountain Spirit or the amazing mandrake root. The fact that the exhibition is interactive makes us become part of the mysterious and magical world of the Lord of the Karkonosze Mountains.

In the seat of the Spirit of the Mountains, guarded by a huge sculpture, the Lords of the Karkonosze Mountains found, among others, a mysterious staff, extraordinary glassmakers, the magical secretary of the Spirit of the Mountains, a dragon's harp with invisible strings, the alchemical chamber of the Four Elements and specimens of the most amazing insects living in the immediate surroundings of Karkonosze.
Thanks to the achievements of modern technologies and outstanding artistic craftsmanship, visitors have the opportunity to experience with all their senses the magic and power that lies dormant in the Karkonosze Mountains.
The Karkonosze Mysteries were created as a social movement with enormous influence. This joint initiative of Karkonosze lovers aims to present the various faces of the Lord of the Mountains, sensitize people to all manifestations of his presence in the Karkonosze Mountains, and also for each of us to acquire the ability to notice the Spirit of the Mountains and its richness while hiking along mountain trails.

Important information:

open from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00,
ticket prices: adults – PLN 19.00, children – PLN 15.00, organized groups – PLN 12.00,
tel. 75 76 19 999, tel. 880 005 003